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    Information overload is a current problem. It has become one of the greatest threats to science. There are more than 30 million medical publications on e.g. PubMed, one of the largest Database for medical texts, and more than 1 million new published papers each year, which means that there is a good chance that the best literature will get lost in the shuffle and go unnoticed with so much literature out there. With this in mind, Saribek Karapetyan, Gaurav Sinha, and Benito Campos built Visual Abstract to deal with this problem that many scientists face.

    Visual Abstract is a mission-driven company that wants to help researchers in a world of information overload. The founders have developed a product that summarizes scientific publications in an abstract graphical format. This format improves reading speed and content recall. Through visual summaries it has a strong impact also on social media channels, where it can increase the article views up to three times. The vision of the team is that one day every research publication will have such a visual summary.

    But for now the startup wants to improve their products. Current MVP is based on classical NLP and text mining. There is great potential for these processes if AI is adopted. In this regard, KI-Garage will help expand the business case for AI and connect them with AI experts who can support their implementations.

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