AI for medical diagnostics - next generation diagnostic methods





    Medicalvalues is a startup developing a diagnosis support system for doctors based on artificial intelligence. With the goal of the early and targeted diagnosis of diseases in the area of autoimmune diseases or hormonal disorders, they rely on machine learning and existing research knowledge from guidelines and scientific publications, which makes it possible to provide professionally correct and comprehensible diagnostic suggestions. In particular, they take laboratory data, symptoms, previous, imaging examinations and tissue examination illnesses into account. 

    With two founders and about 14 permanent employees on the team, this young startup has built a solid foundation for its offering with a diverse background in artificial intelligence, economics, and medicine.

    So what are the advantages of using this technology? First, it will make lab diagnostics more intelligent, which means that laboratories can differentiate themselves on the market and appeal to specific customers. Secondly, it can help to integrate diagnosis as quickly as possible. They are currently in pilot projects with university hospitals and private practice laboratories. Third, they combine a centralized and decentralized IT architecture, where patient-related data never leave the respective institutions. 

    Joining the AI RISE Program of KI-Garage, they want to improve and specify the pitch, scale up and make the internal processes more professional.

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