Review tenders, contracts and other documents efficiently





    Located in Heidelberg, Codefy is a B2B SaaS company addressing the legal services and construction, infrastructure and energy sector. Using the proprietary Codefy Hybrid AI®, they empower their clients to make fast and diligent decisions while working on tender documents, contracts and legal statements.

    Another core service they want to provide is to package a large number of documents into any form and summarize the various reviews to do better knowledge management. The product can be integrated entirely based on the customer's needs: either in a cloud, on a dedicated server, or on-premises in the IT environment.

    As a team of eight people with professional backgrounds in various fields such as law and artificial intelligence, the startup has already achieved initial success and has clients and investments.

    By participating in KI-Garage's AI RISE program, they are looking forward scalin their company and product and strengthening their marketing and sales.

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