Enabling smarter business decisions with AI





    Fluctuating commodity prices, supply bottlenecks and other global developments present many companies with major uncertainties. How can risks of this kind be minimized cost-effectively? 

    With Forecasty.AI! The team around Rahul, Ralph and Peter has developed an AI-based solution with which strategically important business decisions can be made based on data. 

    With their three products, they help companies in areas such as purchasing or product management: The Commodity Desk provides procurement managers with real-time commodity price information and AI-based forecasts to make smarter and more profitable purchasing decisions. The Demand Desk enables demand planners to make accurate forecasts at different levels of product aggregation, taking into account the impact of various events such as weather. The Business Desk is a self-service NoCode AI product that allows data analysts to upload data, combine indicator data and produce high-quality forecasts in minutes without writing a single line of code. 

    With the help of KI-Garage, the founders and their team want to expand their customer base and raise a seven-figure round of funding. However, the focus is still on the scalability of their product. Their ambitious goal: At least one million customers! The KI-Garage supports them at every point!

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