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    Online training. You have listened to the course, you have read the slides, and you have completed a quiz at the end. Congratulations, you must have become a lot more knowledgeable now. Sounds familiar? However, all you do is watch, listen, and try to remember. But wait a minute. Is this how people learn? Of course, not. Especially, if after the training session the trainees are expected to start using the newly-acquired knowledge. However, creators of online courses may not know that. Also, they may not have the time, the skills, or the budget to prepare a course that would be both informative, interactive, dynamic, and fun.

    Another limitation is the platforms on which the courses are published. The variety of online training platforms available today have one thing in common: The courses are available in the same format they are submitted. Most often, a video, a text, and a quiz. Moving freely between sections of the training is seldom possible since you can move on only after you have completed all previous sections.

    What you as a professor, trainer or educator would probably prefer is to be able to choose an individual way your trainees learn, freely moving from one activity to another, using various media, intuitively navigating through the content of the course, saving progress and picking up from where you are left off at your convenience. Elements of infotainment and gamification would be a great advantage. You would probably like to apply practical aspects to the training. You would also like to receive feedback when and where feedback was required. Finally, the more interactive the training, the better.

    To sum it up, the experience of online learning should combine the best of both worlds: The feeling of taking part in a real classroom and the vast potential of the virtual environment. Is this too much to ask? Not really. is designed to cover all the bases. Training content creators can upload their materials in a document format. Reminisce will make sure the training is organized into manageable sections with interactive elements, AI-generated tasks, and gamification elements with a system of reward distribution.

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