Automatic telephone assistance





    Everybody knows what it’s like to wake up in the morning feeling miserable and thinking “Oh no, I am sick!” It doesn’t matter what it is, seasonal allergies or a regular cold, because it is very likely that you cannot work and have to see a doctor. Great... Let’s get on the phone first. If you are lucky, you may get through within a minute or two. If not, you may have to wait, enjoying on hold melody loops for minutes or hours, because, as you are informed, all the lines are busy and all the employees are talking to other callers. Or maybe you have already been staying home for a while and are feeling a lot better. Now, all you need is a return to work note. But, hey, all the lines are busy, and all the employees are talking to other callers. Need to extend a prescription? Sure, no probs. It’s just that all the lines are... OK, you get the picture. The list of situations when you need to talk to someone or make an appointment can go on and on. In the best case scenario you can leave a voice message asking the doctor to call you back. This may save you the trouble of holding the line and listening to the background music, but you would still have to wait – possibly, for a long time.

    To be fair, medical receptionists are busy people, and answering phone inquiries is only one item on the long list of their responsibilities. Among other things, they should be able to comfort distressed patients, particularly during times of extreme stress or emergency. The problem is that the longer the patients have to wait, the more often receptionists have to deal with distressed patients. And the longer they have to comfort distressed patients, the longer other patients have to wait. All this sounds a little hopeless, doesn’t it? Well, it might, unless you entrust sorting out this situation to a piece of software. PraxisConcierge easily fits into your current system and lets you automate all the routine communication tasks, such as symptom queries, arranging doctor’s call- backs, facilitating prescription extension, scheduling appointments, sending reminders and other important messages to the patients by email or SMS. And the best part – the waiting time is no longer an issue, and medical receptionists can focus on helping the patients who are already in the waiting room. On hold background music may soon be a thing of the past.

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