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    Every once in a while, when you visit friends or family, you start paying attention to how they furnish and decorate their homes. Sometimes, the style of furniture look organic and natural. Even if some things look eclectic, they somehow complement each other and feel like they belong together. You can immediately recognize the owners’ taste and even learn a thing or two about their personalities. Such interiors can be visually compelling, and you may feel tempted to just let your eyes wander.

    One home can offer a functional and sleek combination of quiet colors and angular shapes, while another – a concatenation of seemingly random objects that reflect the different interests, preferences, and quirks of the owner. And yes, sometimes the atmosphere of the home makes you go, “wow, this is so cool!” And, of course, there are other homes that make you shake your head and wonder what they were thinking.

    Making design decisions about one’s habitat is not easy. People who know what they want well enough may spend less time picking items for their interiors. But sometimes it’s easier to bring a friend to a furniture store and ask for an opinion. The assumption would be that, because your friend knows you, his or her opinion will be an informed one and will help you buy the things that will make your life both comfortable and beautiful. However, that’s where your friend’s personal preferences may interfere, so the opinion you are going to get will not be the one you need.

    So, if you are not sure what you want and people who know you cannot be of much help, what can you do? You can use Palasts AI, a service that does exactly what your friends – or even you yourself – cannot: It analyses your personality type and recommends interior design choices customized specifically for you. The service can access a variety of manufacturers and retailers and put together an interior in which you are going to feel at home and at ease.


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