In-house document linking





    You may have experienced this quite often yourself. You have an urgent problem to resolve, and to save time, you turn to your working colleagues for advice. Unfortunately, they provide vague answers and point in different directions - not because they want to mislead you, but because they are not sure where to look.

    You plunge into the corporate Intranet only to find tons of documents in various formats, none of which answers your question. Each document contains a handful of the needed keywords or can be remotely relevant, but does not directly address the issue you are looking to resolve. After days or even weeks of poking around, a colleague mentions the name of someone in another department who might be able to give you a hand. This someone eventually sends you a direct link to a document that contains just what you need.

    You begin to wonder why this precious document isn’t linked to anything and is seemingly invisible to the Intranet search engine. Also, you start asking yourself, how one can share such a valuable discovery amongst colleagues, in case someone else runs into a similar problem. In the meantime, weeks have passed since you started your quest, you have missed a deadline, and the time you spent has probably cost the company a pretty penny.

    Sounds familiar? Well, we are happy to report that we have found the way out. kmapp is a Web-based tool that adds semantic-rich link structures to documents on top of your current document management system and makes finding and sharing documents a breeze.

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