Detect all objects - easier and faster than ever before





    Remember the times when you had to fix an electronic device or a mechanism? If the answer is
    yes, which is very commendable in our times of disposable goods, you may have experienced
    finishing the work with a few bits and pieces left that didn’t seem to fit into the device your were
    trying to fix. Since you have no blueprint, how are you expected to know where or why a certain
    part has to be fitted into the device in the first place? Or how would you know if a piece is broken
    or missing? There is certainly no way of knowing it, if you have never had any experience with this
    kind of machines.

    Or, suppose you are responsible for inspection and quality control or technical maintenance.
    Working with complex machines and equipment requires extreme precision and attention to
    detail. The level of professional expertise is expected to match these requirements. However, you
    cannot be equally familiar with all kinds and types of parts is hardly possible. And this is where an
    expert would be helpful. How about having someone by your side, detecting everything

    The Kimoknow Vision platform makes it possible to train AI to recognize objects and develop
    applications relevant to your specific use case. Depending on your particular set of tasks,
    Kimoknow can help you find a solution that helps you identify units and parts, maintain, store, and
    test them to enrich your experience in complex environments and reduce human error.

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