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    Based in Mannheim, builds cutting-edge research and is a highly qualified startup that develops webAI - an artificial intelligence-based system for analyzing company-related web data. With two founders and five part-time employees, ISTARI was established in 2019 and has grown rapidly in recent years.

    They scan millions of company websites over time and use artificial intelligence systems to analyze company activity, including their profiles, technologies, products and services. In this way, they generate real-time market information for their clients. Besides that, they record the names of other companies and hyperlink to their websites. They automatically evaluate these relationships to map regional and international company networks. Additionally, they calculate scientifically validated and easily interpretable indicators based on this information, such as the company's ability to innovate or its degree of digitalization. They adapt the dynamic analytical models to the customers' specific problems to provide fast and reliable answers to urgent questions.

    With this concept, the AI can identify and match relevant companies or central players and innovation systems according to the individual criteria of the customers. To scale up and generate a network in the Baden-Württemberg region, ISTARI.AI attends the AI RISE Program.

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