Green Vision
Automated pest detection in agriculture





    If pests on farms are not detected quickly enough, they will spread, damage to plants will increase and harvest gets harmed. Thus more pesticides must be used, and beneficial organisms may not be compelling enough. With the idea of making farm work more accessible and more productive, Fridolin started thinking about applying computer vision in agriculture. Fridolin is a Software Engineering student but also the son of a farmer.

    With artificial intelligence and camera systems that detect pests on images, their customers can see where pests are occurring on their farms and prevent further spread. However, the idea faces two challenges: first, camera systems may not be suitable or affordable for farmers, so applying the same AI to agricultural robots, drones or Agri 4.0 farms would also be an exciting use case as an alternative. Second, this startup project is Fridolin's ongoing bachelor thesis, so the central focus is the technical aspect, which means that GreenVision could use some help from the business side. That is why they applied for the KI-Garage.

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