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    Do you want to create a promotional video for your company, but the costs are too high? Spending too much time? Invest a lot but not satisfied with the finished product? Don't worry. Fast AI Movies can help you solve these problems!

    The team behind FAST AI Movies consists of two people who seem to be unrelated but are actually inextricably linked. They are Georg Klumpner ('38) and Florian Scherl ('17). Both of them are members of the Campus Founders. The two of them share all incoming tasks and projects depending on the specific area. Georg, who has a degree in mathematics and economics, is responsible for the economics area. Florian, on the other hand, is responsible for the technical part. Florian has two years of experience in programming in artificial intelligence and some achievements in the IT youth competition "Jugend Wettbewerb Informatik" and some OpenHPl courses. This has provided a solid foundation for their startup's technology. Despite their age difference and their vastly different educational and practical backgrounds, these two have come together because of the same passion for AI.

    To solve company's financial, time, and technical difficulties in making videos, FAST AI Movies develops a software that uses AI to generate videos: Users provide only one photo and a topic. The Artificial intelligence collects images about the subject and automatically shortens the article according to the length requested by the user. The AI appropriately synchronizes lip movements and includes gestures based on voice and text using the user's own voice. Examples of applications are learning/explanatory videos, weather reports, news ...... 

    It is undoubtedly exciting to see what successes FAST AI Movies as a young startup has already achieved. This is for one the 2nd place in the Nationwide Youth Start-Up Competition (Jugend Gründet), accompanied by an additional special award for AI. In addition to that, they achieved the 6th place in the German Startup Award for Students (Deutschen Gründerpreis für Schülerinnen und Schüler) and a top 5 placement in the Startup Teens competition. 

    But the road to success is not always smooth. The biggest challenge FAST AI MOVIES is currently facing is the implementation of new AI-related papers, which will lead to prototype improvements. From the technical side, the next phase is focused on finding new AI models and obtaining higher computational power through the KI-Garage. They also want to expand the social network and get support during the launch process, thus providing additional tips for the initial pilot project and identifying particular use cases.

    Where there's a will, there's a way. It is to believe that with their relentless efforts and fanaticism for AI, they will eventually achieve their final success through the help of KI-Garage.

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