Calorie tracking - fun and simple





    Eating out can be so much fun. The cuisine, the place, the dish – everything is your call. You order, they bring it to your table, you produce your phone, take a photo, and share it with your friends. You are definitely enjoying the moment. Or you can eat at your friends’ or your family’s homes. And again, phones and cameras are produced, and photos are taken. Photos of the food you eat tell stories about where you are, how much fun you are having, how beautifully the food is served, or even how exquisite your taste is. Your Instagram subscribers are excited and a little jealous, and you are looking forward to your next gastronomic adventure. If you are not on a diet, that is.

    But if you need a calorie counter whenever it’s time to eat, the experience may look a little less exciting. Think, for instance, what happens if you have to track calories in social situations that occur frequently and that you would otherwise enjoy, such as sharing a lunch with a friend at a café? Or visiting an elderly relative who loves cooking? Or eating out during vacations abroad? It is going to feel awkward trying to control your calorie intake and enjoy the meal at the same time.

    So, it is likely that sooner or later, you will try to avoid such situations altogether. Alternatively, you can stick to the things you can safely eat. Or you can ask the waiter to tell the cook to change the recipe in favor of more low-calorie ingredients. Good luck making this request at a Michelin restaurant. Should you then always cook at home? Is there any other way out? Well, there would be, if you had a way of finding out exactly what ingredients this or that menu item contains and estimate their calorie percentage. But if you are not the cook and have no control over the recipe, how can you do it?

    You may be surprised, but taking a photo could help. DIshDetective app enables you to do just this: have calories, nutrients, and portion size calculated using only a photo of what you are about to order. Within seconds, you will have all the information necessary to make an informed decision on what your dining experience is going to look like.

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