Autonomous delivery service for last mile delivery





    Picture this scenario: Black Friday! People purchase many products online that have been reduced in price. The staff at the courier station are seeing the courier boxes pilling to the ceiling. If they hire more delivery workers, it not only increases the cost, but it also takes some time to teach the new delivery workers the routes. If the courier delivers slowly, the customers will be dissatisfied about their courier. But when the founders of were faced with this problem, they immediately had a solution in mind. has its roots near Stuttgart, which is also home to many universities, providing solid ground for the start-up to grow. offers "last-mile delivery problems," i.e., autonomous delivery services. Their goal is to deliver food and other items, including but not limited to stores, campuses, and logistics companies. They provide everything from the vehicle, technology, services, and further development. In addition, the company offers functional safety and security consulting, AI algorithms and software development for customer-specified research.

    The founding team of is a group of five people working as CIOs, ROS, and C++ developers, functional safety and security experts in the automotive industry in Germany, India, and Egypt. The founders have extensive and long experience in research and development of autonomous driving research and delivery vehicles.

    In addition, the different cultural backgrounds they come from make them more sensitive to current trends. The online food and non-food market are growing very fast in COVID and post-COVID. The delivery market is likewise increasing, which creates a need for more vehicles and drivers. This is the perfect solution for short-distance deliveries of small goods. Moreover, it is CO2 neutral, reducing delivery traffic and creating fewer accidents. Finally, it is available 24/7, so customers no longer have to wait because it's store closing time. is acting on a growing market. This point brings both opportunities and challenges for the development of this startup. On the one hand, this market will increase from 16 million Euros in 2020 to 40 million Euros in 2024. These figures and the founders' experience in developing research and delivering robots give them confidence. But on the other hand, the founders need some more development insights from a commercial point of view. Through the KI-Garage, the startup will receive the individual support in this topic, they need, so they can start their autonomous service in German cities and campuses by the end of 2021.

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