Transfer of hand-drawn construction plans into 3D models





    So, you have a house. In fact, you have had a house for some time. You
    love your house. Well, you used to love it. Recently, you have started to
    notice, that things are beginning to get somewhat out of hand. In winter,
    the house is a little too cold. Well, very cold, to be accurate. Sometimes,
    it feels as if your heating is designed to warm up the air outside, but
    keep the room temperature at steady 14°C. You are sleeping under a
    duvet, a blanket, and two quilts. And then the winter is over, and the
    temperature goes straight through the roof. At this point you are
    beginning to suspect that the problem isn’t with your body’s natural
    temperature regulation.

    Depending on your particular psychological response to the situation,
    you can either take pleasure in experiencing the change of seasons
    inside your home or – call an energy consultant. The kind of energy
    consultant who can conduct tests of efficiency, explain to you where
    energy is lost, and advise on what energy efficiency measures should be
    taken. Most of the advice revolves around the special topics of building
    technology, building physics, and building biology. However, before all
    this becomes possible, such a consultant will need the technical plans of
    your home. It may happen that all you have is a scanned copy in poor
    condition. In that case, as it frequently happens, the plans have to be
    cleaned and converted into a format that is suitable for further
    processing in energy consultant programmes. Unless the plans become
    readable, you will have to learn to cope positively with temperature
    oscillations. Or you can use Celekohr.

    Upload the pixellated copies of the plan to Celekohr and let it take care
    of the rest. Celekohr analyses the scans, identifies the walls, doors, and
    windows and bit by bit transforms the plan into a 3-D model with which a
    consultant can solve your problem – and, perhaps, recommend a small
    renovation project. But that’s a whole different story.

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