Turning live machine data into value-adding data-driven applications





    Data is the new gold...But what if you don't have a shovel to dig it up? This is exactly the kind of problem many manufacturing companies face. A huge amount of data, but high development complexity and versatile IT know-how prevent the generation of added value. 

    Bytefabrik.AI addresses this issue and makes industrial data analysis a breeze! Dominik, Philipp and Patrick have a strong AI science background and want to help companies with their factory modernization.

    Their no-code toolbox for industrial IoT enables non-technical users to create real-time data-driven applications without programming skills to increase production efficiency and reduce costs. Live machine data from production processes (e.g. temperature, vibration) can be used to create data-driven applications to provide transparency along the value chain (e.g. sensor correlations leading to increased scrap) or to optimize machine utilization. 

    The team hopes to further sharpen their business model during the KI-Garage's AI RISE program and to gain access to new industrial customers. The KI-Garage is making its entire network available for this purpose! 

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