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Mit unseren Events bringen wir KI-Expert:innen mit KI-Interessierten zusammen. Gemeinsam mit Partnern aus ganz Baden-Württemberg bieten wir Veranstaltungen an, bei denen du die ganze "Bandbreite" der Künstlichen Intelligenz erfährst. Erfahrene Expert:innen vermitteln ihr Wissen und sorgen dafür, dass das KI-Netzwerk weiter (zusammen-) wächst.

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    AI RISE PROGRAMM 2023 - Demo Day

    Trefft die besten KI-Startups Baden-Württembergs aus dem AI RISE Programm der KI-Garage ( live auf der Bühne.
    Seid dabei am Freitag, den 16.06.2023 von 17:30 bis 20:30 Uhr. Neben den Pitches erwartet euch außerdem ein reichhaltiges Buffet, Live-Musik und eine hochkarätige Jury.

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    Demo Day - Network Accelerator 2022 /23

    The big Demo Day of our Network Accelerator 2022/23 was a complete success!
    Great pitches, a top-class jury, musical accompaniment and a delicious buffet with time for exchange afterwards.
    It was a pleasure meeting the best AI Startups from Baden-Württemberg and celebrate the final of the Network Accelerator program. Learn more

    If you want to rewatch the livestream uncut, you will find it here


    Reaching the Sustainable Development Goals with AI

    Various workshops and an expert panel focus on how we can achieve the Sustainable Development Goals with AI. An event organized together with Women in AI & Robotics and the Baden-Württemberg Foundation. 

    VC Speeddatings

    KI-Garage invites AI startups from Baden-Württemberg to its VC Speeddatings. In up to three 15-minute breakout sessions, the VC and the startup have the opportunity to get to know each other.

    Demo Day - Network Accelerator 2021/22

    The big Demo Day of our Network Accelerator 2021/22. The best startup teams of our program will pitch their business in front of investors and customers.

    The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of AI

    Mario Brandenburg from the German Bundestag shares his insights into current AI trends and their lasting impact on our society.

    Teamup event - AI edition

    You have a business idea but did not find the right co-founder yet? Are you an expert and want to be part of a startup? Then TeamUp is the right place for you! A joint event with the CyberLab in Karlsruhe.

    Ethics and AI: How to successfully integrate both into business

    An interactive discuss about the ethical barriers and conflicts for the mainstream use of artificial intelligence. An interactivel talk about safety, privacy, accountability, transparency and bias in algorithms.

    From Idea to Prototype: Technical feasibility for your startup

    An event about the key success factors in terms of technical feasibility from an entrepreneurial and academic perspective.

    From Science to Startup to Siemens - the innovation journey of AI

    From Science to Startup to Siemens...How? Join the interactive panel discussion and learn about the biggest learnings at each step of the innovation journey of AI.

    Science-based AI startups: the case of

    Join this AI edition of MCEI`s startup lounge and learn how deployed its research into a thriving startup.

    How AI turns existing business models upside down

    AI researchers and founders share their insights on how AI is transforming the existing business models and is turning whole industries upside down.